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Last Updated: 6/1/2022
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T'Adelphia Greek Folk Orchestra

Latest News...

T'Adelphia performed at the St. Demetrios Church Greek Easter Festival on April 27, 2008 at Macedonian Park in Calistoga, CA!

The event was lots of fun. Petrakos Films has created a short video record of the event, which you can view online. We're in it!

For more information on Macedonian Park, visit


T'Adelphia 2007 Flyer

2008: T'Adelphia today.

T'Adelphia Greek Folk Orchestra is available for your party or celebration in Northern California. Call John to hire us or to get more information. You can hear our sound on the Kalakos recordings on the Recordings page of this website.

We have played many different kinds of events, including festivals, Parties, weddings, baptisms, dances, and even various national folk festivals in Seattle and in San Francisco! In 1975, we provided music for a scene in the 20th Century Fox film Alex and the Gypsy, starring Jack Lemmon.

The T'Adelphia band plays many styles of traditional Greek music including Dimotika, Nisiotika, and Rebetika from all regions of Greece. We play songs and dances from Roumeli and Moria (Peloponnisos), Epiros, Thessaly, Makedonia, and Thraki. We play Nisiotika from many of the Greek islands, including Hios, Ikaria, Crete, Lefkada, Rodos, and others.

Unlike other bands, we only use the traditional instruments: Bouzouki; Klarino; Laouto; Violi; Defi; Guitar; Baglamas. We do not use modern drum sets, synthesizers, bass guitars; nor do we play lots of modern tunes or "American music." We are quite simply a traditional Folk Orchestra, which has been in existence under this and other names since 1961!

T'Adelphia on location with Jack Lemmon

1975: Jim Pappas, Paula Pappas, Jack Lemmon, John Pappas, and George Doukas on location for the Fox film Alex and the Gypsy.

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